Foundation is a social raiding guild based on Magtheridon alliance.


Raid Team 1:

Raid Team 1 Progression:
EN – 7/7M Cutting Edge
ToV – 3/3M Cutting Edge
NH – 10/10M Cutting Edge
ToS – 6/9M
Antorus – 10/11M


Raiding days:

Wednesday 19.45-23.00 server time
Thursday: 19.45-20.00 server time (optional heroic run)
Sunday 19.45-23.00 server time



Loot council with officers


Raid Team 1 looking for:
– DPS, especially ranged.
– Tanks.



Raid Team 2:

Our team pushes ‘casual’ raiding to its fullests. We set a new goal in december of 2017. Which was to form a team, and a team we are! We are ‘casual’ since we only raid 2 times a week (thurs- and sundays from 20:00 till 23:00) but nevertheless pushing on into Mythic content. We raid in a relaxing and friendly manner, we accept the fact that people make mistakes but learn from them, players that are eager to improve themselfs. Our whole concept it to act and play like a team, a team is build to last, and with BfA on the horizon we will be raising the stakes.

Are you interested? Feel free to contact Tykk aka Petah (contact information is written down below) or in absence, Issek

Tykk – (Bnet) Qyn#2971 or on (Discord) Brikus#6358
Issek – Damarcus#2176


Team 2 Progression:
EN – 7/7HC
ToV – 3/3HC
NH – 4/10M
ToS – 9/9 HC
Antorus – 9/11M


Raiding days:

Thursday 19.45-23.00 server time
Sunday 19.45-23.00 server time


Loot council with officers and always 1 or 2 members from the team.


Raid Team 2 looking for:
We are currently recruiting ranged DPS and a discipline priest.



Social Member Applications
Our social applications are open for players that do not wish to raid but would still like a busy and vibrant guild atmosphere.

Add any of the below officers:

Team 1:
Nirveniusz – Nirven#2839
Aluna – Whymeer#2650
Kaeru – Fredros#2757
Ursinus – SamBucur#2190
Mufytuffy – Vodooo#21587

Team 2:
Tykk – Qyn#2971
Issek – Damarcus#2176

We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂